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The Take Me 2 Bali retreat is happening April 21-30 2023!!

This retreat is a bit different than the Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat (April 8-19) which is for my students of Siwa Murti healing to work directly with High Priest, Master Teacher and Founder Ratu Nabe. This retreat is for people who want to experience Bali from the inner sanctum and have spiritual experiences as well as enjoy luxury.

This all inclusive retreat includes everything from airport pick up to airport drop off (It does not include airfare). It includes breakfast and a big dinner daily, however people tend to either snack or do their own thing for lunch. This trip includes, a spa treatment, healings from authentic Balinese healers, The Sacred Monkey Forest, waterfalls, beaches, healthy food, temples, ceremonies and many adventures!

I designed this experience because every time I have a trip planned to go to Bali, my friends say “I wish I was going to Bali!” So I thought, why not bring people to Bali? I have keys to the inner sanctum of Bali due to my extensive travels, study and connections I’ve made. I have an amazing guide who is a temple priest and everyone loves (He’s the best!). I know a great luxury resort that is beautiful and clean and safe, where they take amazing care of us. And I know my way around the best spots in Bali, beyond what most tourists even know exists. It’s a no brainer, really.

Contact me NOW to find out more and start packing! I’m taking you on the trip of a lifetime!

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