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Sound Healing 
Sound bowls for sound healing
Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) - $125

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is using sound as an access to open the parasympathetic nervous system. The results are a deeper calm and a more balanced mind, body and spirit. Other benefits reported include reduce stress, ease tension, reduce depression, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and improve concentration.

Sound Baths - $125 Private
$55/person group setting

Enjoy the experience of deep meditation as the vibration of sounds from Crystal Bowls and other instruments balance and harmonize your body. As the sounds wash over you and align your energy fields, you will feel deep relaxation and release stress. This experience also comes with a Shiva Murti spot healing for one illness, condition, ailment or disease.

Chakra Balancing - $125

This form of energy healing focuses on channeling energy in the seven chakras. Using sound therapy, a pendulum and Shiva Murti, Neil will work to keep your chakras balanced create an energy healing experience that may result in deep relaxation, emotional release and physical wellness.  

Combo with Shiva Murti - $200

Combine your full body Shiva Murti healing session with VST and Chakra Balancing! Neil will go through your test points and clear physical and emotional blocks using Shiva Murti and then harmonize your Chakras energy fields using his Crystal Sound Bowls (423Hz). 

The General Chakra System
















Basic Info On Chakras

Chakras are energy fields inside your physical bodies. The basic Charka system is known for different traits. There can be more than 7 Charkas and they can be associated with different things. Everyone is individual. Here is a quick break down of the typical Charka system and some general information about the Chakras when they are too open, blocked or balanced.

1. Root: (Adrenal Glands)

Too Open - self-centered, recklessness

Blocked - self destructive, needy, low self esteem

Balanced - secure, feeling of safety, stability

2. Sacral: (sex organs, reproductive, circulatory)

Too Open - sex addiction, manipulative

Blocked - low back pain, impotence, guilt/shame

Balanced - expression, relaxed

3. Solar Plexus: (digestive, muscle organs)

Too Open - short tempered, judgmental

Blocked - anxious, insecure, fear of being alone

Balanced - self respect, self esteem, powerful

4. Heart: (heart chest, lungs)

Too Open - possessive, jealous, conditional love

Blocked - self pity, fear of loneliness or rejection

Balanced - unconditional love, compassion

5. Throat: (throat, mouth, nose, ears, thyroid

Too Open - over talkative, arrogant

Blocked - trouble expressing self, perfectionism

Balanced - great communication

6. Third Eye: (eyes, base of skull, pituitary gland)

Too Open - arrogant, bullying

Blocked - learning difficulties, headaches

Balanced - intuitive

7. Crown: (upper skull, cortex, spirituality)

Too Open - manic, depressive, frustrated 

Blocked - tired, confused, lonely, depressed

Balanced - peaceful, inspired, open for spiritual experience

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