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shiva murti healing

Your opportunity for healing is here!

Using the Balinese energy medicine of Shiva Murti, I tap into universal energy laws and am able to help you experience meaningful change & healing

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shiva murti

You don't have to tolerate pain & discomfort anymore!

Shiva Murti healing can be fast! Some people experience the healing effects right away, while some others come back for more healings in order to truly eliminate their condition.



Shiva Murti Healings

In-Person Private Healing - $125

You come to my office in the Hancock Park area for an in-person treatment. The in-person approach uses test points to detect all blocks so you receive a full body healing.

Remote Healings - $125

Shiva Murti is so strong that I can transmit the healing energy through video chat (FaceTime or Zoom) or from pictures. I will go right to the source of the presenting issue(s) and also clear away any other blocks I find. 

Combo Package - $200

Add Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) to your Siwa Murti session. VST is used to open the parasympathetic nervous system which creates more calm for a balanced mind, body and spirit. We will also use Sound Healing to balance your Chakras. It's like having a private Sound Bath!

Host a Healing Party

You host your friends and imbibe your favorite beverages and snacks. I come in and provide healings for all of your willing participants. We all feel better and enjoy the healing party!

Home Clearings & Blessings

Designed using a blend of Balinese and Native American techniques to rid negative energy from your home, office or business and replace it with positive energy, protection and blessings. Perfect for buying and selling homes!

House Call

I come to your home or office to provide an in-person treatment. This in-person approach uses test points to find blocks to release them to experience a full body healing.

Film & TV Set Healings

I come to your set for the day and provide in-person healings so people can be at their best. This prevents delays due to injuries or any other conditions and keeps things running smooth. Also, perfect for wrap parties!

Other offerings:


My healing journey has taken many shapes over the years. I started my career with a degree in Psychology (minor in American Studies) and a special focus on Child Development. After working with Severely Emotionally Disturbed (S.E.D.) children as a Residential Treatment Counselor, I turned my focus to teaching. In 2013, I became certified as a Life Coach and continued my dedication to helping others and a life of service. 

After traveling and studying in different areas of the world, like India, I saw other modalities at work. In Spring 2019, I traveled to Bali and I trained in a Balinese temple and hospital under the Master Teacher Ratu Nabe. Neil Aaron Healing was established in 2019 upon return. I have traveled back to Bali and been initiated several times. I have been blessed with the ability to facilitate healing in people and animals with the Siwa Murti modality and am grateful to serve in a way I never imagined possible. Now, with the permission and blessing of Siwa Murti Master Teacher Ratu Nabe, I am offer Shiva Murti Healing Training and bring students to Bali to work directly with and be initiated by Ratu Nabe. I am also bringing  people interested in being immersed in the spiritual inner sanctum of Bali on retreats.

In fall 2022, I became certified in Sound Therapy and Sound Healing. As a singer/songwriter and musician, this is very much aligned in my journey as a healing facilitator. 

About Neil Aaron

Neil Aaron teacher and healer of Shiva Murti or Siwa Murti. He offers trainings and courses for Shiva Murti
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Testimonials & Videos

“Neil Aaron is a true healer! I’ve been a Reiki practitioner & neuromuscular therapist for over 20 years. As a physio-therapist, muscle and tendon strains are part of the job. I recently had a session with Neil for a tendon strain in my hand which was very painful. After only one session, my hand pain (which should have taken weeks to heal) was completely gone. I went back to work the next day, expecting the pain to return, but it didn’t. I’ve seen many different body workers and energy healers over the course of my career - and yet I have never had someone heal a physical ailment like a strain in one session. Neil is a truly gifted healer. So grateful to have found him!”

Moon, Neuromuscular Therapist (Los Angeles, CA.)

"I was suffering from Salmonella poisoning and was in a lot of pain, was nauseous and could eat very little for almost a month. I discussed my condition with Neil and sent him my photo. He worked on me from across the country and my symptoms improved rapidly. His demeanor was kind and understanding and he was very generous with his time and continued to reach out to me and check in on my progress. He happened to check in with me shortly after I burned myself and when I shared that with him he went straight to work on healing the burn! The pain was gone instantly and there wasn't any sign of the burn. He's a real sweetheart and I'm grateful for his sharing his gift."

Robbin C., Global Services Training Manager (Dighton, MA.)

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