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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it." 

-Helen Keller


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Neil Aaron

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Welcome to Neil Aaron Healing!

Here's a little about me and Siwa Murti Healing.

My healing journey has taken many shapes over the years. I have my degree in Psychology with a special focus on Child Development. I worked as a Residential Treatment Counselor healing Severely Emotionally Disturbed (S.E.D.) children and then went on to become a teacher and private child care provider. I am also a singer songwriter and writer and have used art and laughter as a form of healing.

In January 2014, I graduated from the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County and began my journey as a professional Life Coach working with clients struggling with alcohol/drug/sex/love addiction, helping people working in the entertainment industry and supporting families by working with parents and children.

 After traveling and studying in different areas of the world, like India, I saw other modalities at work. In Spring 2018, I traveled to Bali and I trained in a Balinese temple and hospital under the Master Teacher Ratu Nabe. I have traveled back to Bali and been initiated several times. I have been blessed with the ability to facilitate healing in people and animals with the Siwa Murti modality and am grateful to serve in a way I never imagined possible. Now, with the permission and blessing of Siwa Murti Master Teacher Ratu Nabe, I am now teaching this incredibly powerful modality on Zoom.  In my life path, learning has been key, but teaching has been one of my greatest callings.

What is Siwa/Shiva Murti?

Siwa Murti (Shiva Murti as it's sometime referred to in America) is a healing modality that hails from Bali. Similar to Reiki, this healing modality uses energy to heal. People that experience it immediately feel how much more powerful it is compared to Reiki to heal physical and emotional ailments and conditions. People and animals can experience healing with Siwa Murti in person or through remote healings using pictures, FaceTime or Zoom.

Healing Sciatica

Healing Anxiety


Neil Aaron Healing travels the country offering two styles of events/workshops. A healing social is an opportunity to give back to the community and offer complimentary healings to participants in a hosted space. Workshops are designed for businesses to partner with Neil to offer clients an opportunity to learn about the Siwa Murti modality and receive a spot healing.

Events and Workshops are held in person or on Zoom.

Cities have included, Los Angeles CA, Palm Springs CA, Orange CT, Pawtucket RI, Brooklyn NY, Tampa FL, Dallas TX, Paris TX.

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In Person Private Healing Session*

Receive a private healing in my home studio in East Hollywood.

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Remote Healing

Receive a healing through pictures or FaceTime.





House Call in L.A. Area

Have a Party!

Receive a private session in your own home.

Receive a healing for you and up to 4 of your friends, family or pets in your home or backyard. Each additional healing is $100. 

Booking an Appointment

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*Neil Aaron is fully vaccinated.  

Feeling Called to LEARN Siwa Murti?


Accepting Applications for the Sunday October 3rd (4:30-6:30 PM PST)

In Los Angeles*/Zoom hybrid class.

     *vaccination required for in person classes
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One-on-One private classes Available. 

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As a Gana Usadha Healer (Level 6) of Siwa Murti, and having received the blessing and permission from Master Teacher Ratu Nabe in Bali, Neil is now offering the opportunity to learn this sacred modality. This is a direct lineage to this powerful modality.


Designed using a blend of Balinese and Native American techniques to rid negative energy from your home, office or business and replace it with positive energy, protection and blessings. Perfect for buying and selling homes!

$250 for 1000 sq. ft. or less

$350 for up to 2000 sq. ft.

$500 for 2000-3500 sq. ft.

$750 for 3500-5000 sq. ft.

$1000 for over 5000 sq. ft.

Home Clearings and Blessings


 Video Testimonials of Remote Healings

Michael M.'s testimony of his FaceTime healing for Covid-19 symptoms.

Nate R.'s Testimony of his FaceTime healing for chronic Back and Shoulder issues

Remote Healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. From a 8 to a Zero!

Althia my Lyft Driver. Arthritis and knee pain GONE!

Hand Tremor Before

After 3 minutes

Back Pain from 5 to 0

Remote Healings

"I was suffering from Salmonella poisoning and was in a lot of pain, was nauseous and could eat very little for almost a month. I discussed my condition with Neil and sent him my photo. He worked on me from across the country and my symptoms improved rapidly. His demeanor was kind and understanding and he was very generous with his time and continued to reach out to me and check in on my progress. He happened to check in with me shortly after I burned myself and when I shared that with him he went straight to work on healing the burn! The pain was gone instantly and there wasn't any sign of the burn. He's a real sweetheart and I'm grateful for his sharing his gift."

Robbin C., Global Services Training Manager (Dighton, MA.)

"I am so grateful to Neil and the powerful work that he does. My brother in law was diagnosed with Covid-19 while recovering from a stroke in a rehabilitation center. We were very concerned that he would not be strong enough to fight the virus. Neil immediately went to work and kept the virus from progressing. When diagnosed, the only symptoms were loss of smell and taste. With Neil’s help, these remained the only symptoms to ever occur the entire time he had the virus. After a short time, my brother in law became Covid free. Thank you to Neil for the powerful work he does!" Jennifer B., Love & Transformation Coach (Miami, FL.)

"I woke up one morning completely unable to move the right side of my neck.  I found out later that day that it was due to a muscle spasm in my shoulder and that it would take several days (possibly weeks) until it would be normal again.  After a few days had passed, I told Neil about this and he immediately got me on a FaceTime call.  Within seconds of his care, the stiffness and pain in my neck started to disappear.  It felt 60% better immediately and then continued to feel better over the next day.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Neil, giving me the same amount of healing in one session as six days of light stretching, painkillers, and heat pads." Jessica F., Music Producer (Los Angeles, CA.)

 "In early December 2020) my husband contracted COVID which ultimately landed him in the the ICU with severe seizures, (he does not have a seizure disorder) lung and heart problems. In addition, my daughter had hit a very low point in dealing with chronic pain that resulted from (we think) a failed nerve block during knee surgery. Now she has constant pain throughout her entire body 24 x 7. On the same day that my husband went into the hospital one of my greyhounds legs gave out on her and the next day, my second greyhound started having rear leg problems.

    Neil has been with me the whole way. When my husband was having seizures, Neil would do a healing and the next morning, they calmed down. When my husbands lungs were full of fluid, Neil would do a healing and the next morning they were clear. He even did healings on my greyhounds who haven't had any problems with their hind ends since the healings.

    With my daughter, we have seen improvement. Directly after a FaceTime healing with Neil, she was 30% improved and then two days later she didn't mention pain even one time. Neil also did a healing on me. And although going through what undoubtedly has been the worst time in my life, I can physical feel a foundation of complete support which brings me comfort and is allowing me to function and not buckle under the pressure.

    Work is ongoing with both my husband and daughter, but we're trending upward and Neil has been and continues to be right by my side. 

    I am convinced this modality is authentic and powerful and would recommend it and Neil to anyone.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Neil." Shannon B.,Technical Business Consultant (San Carlos, CA.)

In Person Private Healings

“I have been an ongoing client with Neil and every time I see him it amazes me the differences I see in my body afterward. I have an autoimmune condition that leaves parts of my body in pain and when I see Neil that all goes away. I feel light, relaxed and pain free after walking out of a session with him. He is kind, wise and an all around amazing healer. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a huge shift in their body. He is the best!!!” Karrie C., Actress (Los Angeles, CA)

“I had been experiencing extreme abdominal pain from a recent appendectomy. The surgery was laparoscopic, but I had four incisions that weren’t healing. In addition, I had a "pulling sensation” and an overall tightness in the abdominal region. Neil came to my home and worked on the problem areas. Within moments, the tightness started to dissipate. And, within a day, the wounds started to finally heal. I have to be honest— initially, I was dubious at best. But Neil proved me wrong. Not only is he a powerful healer, but a wonderful human being. His smile and happy demeanor are infectious and the positivity that exudes from his presence is palpable. Neil is the real deal!"  Eric C., Screenwriter (Los Angeles, CA.)

“Neil Aaron is a true healer! I’ve been a Reiki practitioner & neuromuscular therapist for over 20 years. As a physio-therapist, muscle and tendon strains are part of the job. I recently had a session with Neil for a tendon strain in my hand which was very painful. After only one session, my hand pain (which should have taken weeks to heal) was completely gone. I went back to work the next day, expecting the pain to return, but it didn’t. I’ve seen many different body workers and energy healers over the course of my career - and yet I have never had someone heal a physical ailment like a strain in one session. Neil is a truly gifted healer. So grateful to have found him!”
Moon, Neuromuscular Therapist (Los Angeles, CA.)

"I had my first Balinese session with Neil and it was unexpectedly amazing! I’ve struggled with a knot in my upper left shoulder for over a decade. It felt 50% better/looser with just one session.  In the past, I’ve tried lots of different things: Reiki, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and muscle relaxer and nothing else helped. I highly recommend anyone scheduling a session with him." Travis R., Healthcare Consultant (Los Angeles, CA.)

"Neil was very attentive and made sure to discuss all the details of my situation. I had been suffering from extreme nausea and muscle soreness in my pregnancy, and he addressed all of my tension and blocks thoroughly. Afterward my nausea was reduced and the body parts that had been tense felt much better."

Jenny G., Doula (Los Angeles, CA.)

"Over the past several years I suffered from pain due to arthritis. I tried cortisone shots, yoga, painkillers, etc. and nothing really worked. I though “why not try something out of the ordinary.” Neil is a person who I respect and adore and I was very interested to learn more about his healing practice. He created a safe and comfortable environment. As he worked on my areas of pain, I felt a sensation of relief. I was even able to walk back and forth across the room without my crutches!

Over the next several days this experience continued and my energy increased. I can’t wait for my next session! People who understand that our mind, body, spirit, and relations are all connected will greatly benefit from Neil’s care and healing spirit."

Michelle O., Teacher (San Francisco, CA.)

"I'm a traditional medicine person, however I had a knee that had been hurting me for over a month and the Advil was only doing so much. Neil offered to use his healing modality he learned in Bali to help me with my pain. After one session the pain was almost completely gone and within a week it had disappeared. I couldn't be more grateful." Brian U., Film and Television Producer (Los Angeles,CA.)

"I strongly feel that is without coincidence that Neil and I crossed paths. I have had intense pain in my hips and back for years, and it seemed that the emotional weight of family and life stressors pulled at my posture in a way that I was having the toughest time straightening my back. I took it as my normal. After ONE SESSION with Neil, I have felt ten feet tall and a glow wash over me! And for the first time in 3 decades, my back is straight and continues to be! He also healed the clicking in my jaw and the pain in my solar plexus, and my tinnitus has markedly improved. Removing whatever hormonal issues I was holding in my body has really improved my skin as well. I have not had any breakouts since seeing him. I believe deeply that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and even then, this has been an unexplainable experience for me. I appreciate Neil sharing his skilled healing techniques, and I am looking forward to another session with him." Nicole L, Actress/Model (Los Angeles, CA.)

"Neil is such an incredibly powerful and intuitive healer.  I had severe knee and back pain as well as multiple emotional blocks which were the result from buried trauma.  Neil was able to clear that energy and my back and knee feel incredible. For years I struggled with heartburn but after a couple of sessions with Neil I can finally say my stomach has cleared.  He is a generous soul with a powerful healing gift.  He has worked wonders in my life and I know he’ll do the same in yours." Marcus C., Producer and Director (Los Angeles, CA.)

"I saw Neil while he was in Tampa and had my first experience with Siwa Murti.  I have eye problems and after the treatment it gave me sharper vision and helped clear my dry eyes." Curt B., Retired Internal Auditor (Tampa, FL.)


"In January 2019 my 12 year old daughter broke her elbow snowboarding.  6 months later she is in PT for limited mobility and ongoing pain upon bending her elbow.  After her session today with Neil, her pain is completely gone.  Seriously. I have no idea how it works, but it does. I only wish I had taken a video of the look on her face when she realized the pain was gone!" Celeste C., Educator (Westerly, R.I.)

"My hands feel awesome today! Like no pain/stiffness at all and I still haven't had any tics. Thank you so much for your help :)" Carys, teenager, Connecticut. FaceTime healing for Lyme disease that has caused arthritis and tics.

"My 9 year old daughter was suffering from a terrible cough and was coughing every twenty seconds throughout the night.  Neil was incredible and made time for a video chat to work on her.  After spending ten minutes with her via FaceTime she went hours without coughing and was able to get some needed sleep.  She slept through the night and her cough was nearly gone by the next day. So very grateful to Neil and his ability to help her." Adrienne M., Executive Recruiter (Los Angeles, CA.)


"Our 16-year-old Poodle mix, Murray, was diagnosed with a mass in his abdomen three days before Christmas. We chose not to treat his cancer due to his age and frail condition; the vet prepared us to say goodbye, saying to have a few good days with him and cautioning us not to wait too long to euthanize him as he could be in a lot of pain. I called Neil, who has a huge heart for animals, and he was so kind. He asked if he could please have a picture of Murray to help ease his pain during his transition. I did. A few hours later, Murray got up and ate for the first time in days. After a few more days, Murray was 100 percent back to normal, chasing birds, barking, and sunbathing. He lived for two more months in this manner. I know Neil gave him--and us--the gift of more time with our boy, and the gift of pain relief. It was a great comfort to know there was help when Western Veterinarian medicine held no more hope. I am forever grateful to Neil." 

Jennifer G., Writer (Los Alamitos, CA.)

"My senior dog, Chester, woke up one day unable to put any weight on his hind leg. Neil was able to soothe the pain remotely. Within 15 minutes, Chester was walking around, putting light weigh on his leg. Neil continued healing him throughout the day. As each hour passed, Chester improved. By morning, he was back to normal, walking without any limp or discomfort." Chris B., Programmer (Long Beach, CA.)