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The Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat
The "Take Me To Bali!" Retreat

The Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat April 8-19 2023

Take Me 2 Bali! Retreat April 21-30, 2023


The very first Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat took place in May 2022. The next retreat will be April 8-19 2023!

It's such an exciting experience for students to attend this incredible opportunity to study directly with the Master Teacher and High Priest Ratu Nabe. 

If you are interested in reading about more information on the retreat, please visit The Shiva Murti Learning Center. On that site, you can also check out the blog which gives a breakdown of the 2022 retreat.


For anyone interested in exploring Bali's magic, Neil will be hosting a second Bali retreat called "Take Me 2 Bali!". 

This all inclusive retreat (excluding airfare) starts the moment you get off the plane. You will be picked up by the driver and taken to Ubud to our luxury resort. Each day is a different adventure! With Neil leading and Yasa (a Temple Priest) as our Balinese guide, you will explore waterfalls, sacred temples, spa treatments, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, several healings from authentic Balinese healers and much more! Also included is a day trip by boat to the majestic island of Nusa Penida where you can join in the ceremonies in the secret cave temple and then go to the tropical beach.

The Take Me 2 Bali retreat is April 21-30 2023. For more information Click here

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Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat 2022

Here's a sneak peak of where we stay in Ubud on retreats

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