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Shiva Murti Events, Workshops & Socials


For events, I come to your event and set up a space for all interested participants to receive a healing. Make your event extra special with your guests leaving healed!


Workshops are a fabulous way to share this modality with groups. During the workshops I will be offering spot healings to participants and teaching about Shiva Murti. Perfect for yoga studios, healing centers and crystal shops.


Shiva Murti Siwa Murti

Socials are a Siwa Murti Bali tradition. In Bali, Ratu Nabe and the Siwa Murti healers gather together to give free health care in the villages for people who cannot afford it. To continue this tradition in America, I offer complimentary healing socials on Zoom and also partner with organizations to bring health care to people in need. Interested in coming to a Zoom social or hosting one in your community? Book Now! 

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