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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Class is in Session!

Level 1 Class started September 18, 2022. It is The Shiva Murti Learning Center's biggest class yet. I am so excited to watch as Siwa Murti spreads by more and more students learning this incredible healing modality. I made a blog post all about it at

Teaching is one of my greatest passions and getting to share Siwa Murti with eager to learn students who are on fire to be of service and help others is a feeling beyond measure.

Next Level 1 Class before Bali Spring 2023 is January 22, 2023. Level 2, which is for healers that have been to Bali and initiated by Ratu Nabe, begins January 23, 2023. Other classes such as Advanced Tools Class (January 8, 2023) will be on The Shiva Murti Learning Center site.

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