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Do Remote Healings even Work?

Many people are skeptical of Shiva Murti. But most people are extra skeptical of remote healings, also called distance healing. Most of us are taught that energy healing is non-sense. However, it makes all the sense in the world. You don’t have to be a Quantum Physicist to know that energy exists. And since it exists, why can’t it be moved through people’s bodies and transferred to other connections? When I was in Science class as a kid, I remember connecting wires to the right place and watching the results of the electricity (energy) conduct from one source to another. Even through a potato!

It’s the same with Shiva Murti and remote healings. Whether it is a picture or a video on Zoom/FaceTime, I am able to plug into one source of energy and transfer it into another. And remote healings have great results! And I haven’t seen a difference with the amount of healing that takes place from remote vs. in-person.

The benefit of a remote healing with pictures is that the client doesn’t have to do anything except have someone send pictures to me. They can even be 20 years old. It doesn’t matter. I once healed a friend’s unconscious father in the hospital by using a picture from her wedding in 2001. The benefit from a remote session on Zoom is I can have immediate feedback and have the person move around to hit spots from different angles. And I always enjoy interacting with clients too.

Remote healings are convenient for everyone and especially useful if I’m not in your city/country. There are testimonials of remote healings on this site and a video with staggering results.

Still skeptical? Try one out and see for yourself?

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