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Will I get 100%?

Because this is a human body and spirit we are working with, there are many variants in the mix and not every healing is instant or 100% after one time. Many healings are big and profound immediately, but not all healings are equal. Sometimes it takes an hour or a day for results to be noticed, or is improved by 10%. When that happens, that’s when the doubt comes in.

The person receiving the healing can feel disappointment or doubt since this feels so magical and profound. Shiva Murti has so many unexplainable miraculous healings, so one can feel something must be wrong or this was just hyberbole. They might’ve even heard stories from friend’s about their healings, so if they don’t get 100% immediately, they think this is not real or there is something wrong with them.

We have to remember that there are many factors to ailments, diseases, conditions, injuries and emotional blocks. Also how long you’ve had it or how old you are can be some reasons that factor in. For example, babies clear super fast typically. At the end of the day, a healing is a healing. Sometimes it takes multiple sessions. Sometimes it takes minutes. Any progress is progress. I will always do everything I can to get the maximum healing every time. Anyone who’s had a healing from me can attest that I don’t give up easily and although I understand I might not be able to get the 100%, I always try.

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