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Reiki Vs. Shiva Murti

What is the difference between Reiki and Shiva Murti?

There is a very big difference between Reiki and Shiva Murti. Let’s start with the similarities. They are both energy based modalities that hail from the east and have made their way to the west. They both call in energy for healing. They both have results. In my experience, that’s about it. Otherwise they are very different.

I am limited on knowledge about Reiki. Let’s get that out of the way. And I don’t like comparing modalities. But I get asked a lot so here it goes.

I have had about 5 Reiki sessions from different Reiki practitioners and have many students of Shiva Murti that started with Reiki. I have not studied Reiki or practiced Reiki. In my experience with Reiki, I felt relaxed after the session. I always wondered if it was because I was laying still with my eyes closed for an hour or because something changed. I never had any shift in pain or an ailment disappearing. I’m not saying it’s not possible with Reiki, I just haven’t experienced it.

With Shiva Murti on the other hand, there is an undeniable shift. Pain has gone from 10 to 0 in a session. Diseases have mysteriously disappeared. Mobility improved. Shifts in mood. I’ve seen so much drastically change in a short period of time with Shiva Murti. It’s why I went to Bali to be initiated as a Siwa Murti healer.

Shiva Murti, like Reiki, connected to universal energies and laws. My guess as to why Shiva Murti has been more powerful for healing than Reiki in my experience, is because Reiki has been passed down a million times and watered down from the original source. Shiva Murti lineage is from the Master Teacher Ratu Nabe through me. I haven’t changed or altered the teachings in anyway and I still study under Ratu Nabe. I am even taking my students on a retreat to Bali to work directly with him. We are going straight to the source!

From my students that have become Reiki Masters before learning Shiva Murti, I have heard that the difference is that Reiki is subtle and gentle and Shiva Murti is strong and profound.

I encourage everyone to try both and go with what feels right for you.

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