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What Can I Expect During A Shiva Murti Healing Session?

Let's talk about what you can expect when you come in to my studio for an in-person Shiva Murti healing session. When you come in, the first thing you will doing is taking off your shoes and socks. You have the option of participating in the welcoming of the blessing ritual with incense and blessed water. Then you lay on the table face up, head pointed east and I begin with your toes. When I facilitate healings in-person, I use test points to find blocks in the body and release them, as well as going right to the source. I will start pressing on your toe nails to see if there is a reaction (block). Similar to acupuncture, there are meridian-like points on the body that are connected to other parts of the body. Some people feel pain or a jolt, some people have a hard time telling. If people press their own test point, they usually can’t feel anything different. This is because I am sending an energy through my fingers for the test.

I then blow on the toes that have a sensation of a block. You may hear me calling out to different energies to come in to remove the block or facilitate a healing. I will then pull out the negative energy and throw it and then clap it off my hands as an exit. Once I’ve done that, it disappears immediately and won’t land on anyone or anything or cause any harm. Often when I do this in front of a group, they are concerned that they will catch something. But rest assured, it is gone once it leaves my hands. Next, I test the point again to see if it is improved or completely clear. If it is not completely gone, I will repeat the process.

When someone comes to me with let’s say a back issue, I still use test points but I also focus on the area of pain. I can often “see inside” people’s bodies and find where the block is actually coming from and go right to the source.

After I go through the entire body and all test points and work on the presenting issues, I have you stand up and move around and see if anything feels stuck. As you assess your body, I will be blessing water for you to drink. I infuse the energies that came through the strongest into the water for you to drink and let the energy go internal and through your blood stream. If you bring a bottle of water with you, you can add the blessed water to that water and continue to expand it.

The next day we check in and see what other improvements have taken place.

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