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What if I Don't Believe in all this Woo-Woo Crap?

Besides my friends and family, my favorite people to heal are people who think this is bullshit. It’s such a mind-blowing experience for the person being healed whether they believe it or not. Many people ask me if you need to believe in Shiva Murti for it to work and the answer is “No”. Let’s start with the obvious. This modality is so powerful and new that most Americans are not going to believe this can work. Even people who have been open to Reiki and other alternative medicine, are skeptical. I say, bring it on. This universal energy can penetrate the blocks people have in their minds, so they can receive healing. I have countless experiences of people energetically crossing their arms telling me this won’t work. And just as many experiences watching their minds melt as it does.

I don’t have an expectation that people will believe this. In fact, I didn’t believe it. And then I was healed. I knew that there was no explanation of why I was suddenly out of pain from a chronic condition. I knew it has never just disappeared before. You would think that’s all it took, but that was just to crack me open a little. I, like most people who have been raised to believe this is impossible, have a thick skull. I needed to witness it over and over and then learn how to heal and do it over and over. However, I understand the skepticism and I welcome it.

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